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OpenRelay Solutions

Check your current server configurations.

Depending upon which type of mail server you are currently using (Exchange, GroupWise, etc.), the settings for open relay may be adjustable. Check to see that all SMTP, SMTP Relay, and/or SMTP Authentication settings are configured correctly to disallow relaying. Optionally, you may wish to limit the relay permissions to the IP range of the domains currently hosted.

Use our Spam Lookup Tool to determine if your domain is currently listed within any black-hole lists.

If you determine your domain is listed on any of the black-hole lists, follow the link to the corresponding web site. Follow the delisting procedure carefully. List removal may be fairly easy, or may require changes to your current configuration. Confirm all delisting requirements are met before requesting removal.

Completely shelter your MX record(s) with state-of-the-art anti-spam filtering located outside your network.

By sheltering your mail exchange records from the outside world, spammers are unable to see your mail server. Therefore, it is less likely the server will be infiltrated. These services offer multiple-layer threat protection, effectively stopping attacks before reaching your network. As a result, your organization will see a reduction in bandwidth consumption, mail server CPU cycles, message storage, and IT labor costs. Click here to learn more.



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